Android Event App (Create Event, Event Booking)

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Android Event App (Create Event, Event Booking) - 1 Android Event App (Create Event, Event Booking) - 2 Android Event App (Create Event, Event Booking) - 3 Android Event App (Create Event, Event Booking) - 4

This android application is for discovering events to be happening in your cities and nearby, also find trending events. Register and Login yourself and create your own events. You can also register yourself for other events and get a ticket through the mail. Also, share the event to your friends and family and let them know events your attending.




password: user

Demo Admin Url:

Username: admin
password: admin

\\ \\

Android Side

  • Category wise event list
  • Nearby event list
  • User event list
  • Booking event list
  • RecentView event list
  • Add to favourite features for event
  • Share event with deep link
  • User can upload event and also edit or delete event
  • Login/Registration features
  • Mange profile feature
  • Get ticket via mail
  • User can download and view ticket
  • User can download event detail in excel sheet
  • Share application link
  • Latest ui with material design
  • All device combability
  • Latest navigation view
  • Rate App, more app and share app links
  • Check network availability
  • Easy admin panel with latest material design
  • OneSignal push notification
  • Admob Ads (Banner/Interstitial/Native)
  • Facebook Ads (Banner/Interstitial/Native)
  • StartIO/StartApp Ads (Banner/Interstitial/Native)
  • Applovin Ads (Banner/Interstitial/Native)
  • Wortise Ads (Banner/Interstitial/Native)
  • Android Studio Electric Eel | 2022.1.1 Patch 2 version recommended

Admin Side

  • Bootstrap 100% Responsive Design
  • Easy Installation
  • User-Friendly Dashboard (Graph Analytics)
  • Manage Categories
  • Manage Event and User Event
  • Manage Home Slider
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Contact Subject List
  • Manage Contact List
  • Manage Event Booking List
  • Manage Reports
  • Manage Notification and Notification Settings
  • Manage Settings

What You Get

  • Full Android Source Code
  • Full Php Code of Server Side
  • PSD Design

Android Event App (Create Event, Event Booking) - 5

Android Event App (Create Event, Event Booking) - 6

Android Event App (Create Event, Event Booking) - 7

Android Event App (Create Event, Event Booking) - 8

Change Log

02 October 2023

Android Side - Added Consent SDK with UMP - Update targetSdk 33 - Update Dependencies - Update Document - Android Studio Electric Eel | 2022.1.1 Patch 2 version recommended

20 January 2023

Android Side

- Wortise AdNetwork Added - Document Updated - Latest Dependencies - Bug Fixed

PHP Admin Side

- Wortise AdNetwork Added - API update - Document updated - Bug Fixed

25 August 2022

Android Side

- Updated SDK to 31 - Updated Libraries - Supports Android 12 - Added Support For Admob and Facebook Native Ads - Added Support For StartIO/StartApp Ads (Banner/Interstitial/Native) - Added Support For Applovin Ads (Banner/Interstitial/Native) - Fixed Bugs - Document Updated

PHP Admin Side

- API update - Document updated

17 September 2021

Android Side

- Bug fixed - Sdk update - Document updated - Facebook Ads Updated to admob bidding

PHP Admin Side

- Bug fixed - Document updated

12 November 2020


- Bug Fix - Add faq section - Document Updated - Asynchronously load data - Share event with deep link - Dark and Light theme option - Add Gmail and Facebook login - Add category notification section - Add external link option in slider - Facebook banner and interstitial ad - Json passing data using retrofit library - Favorite and recent view event requires user login


- Add Graphs in Admin Dashboard for Users Analysis - Add SMTP Settings to Handle Email Functionality - Add User profile module (Which includes its event favourites, recent event, and so on) - Add Home Slider Module - Add App Update Popup Module - Add Faq Module - Manage Facebook Ads (Banner/Interstitial) - Manage Admob Ads (Banner/Interstitial) - Document Updated - Bug fixed

30 January 2020

Android -Bug Fixed -Change documentation ui and documentation update -Change Application ui -Add Event Report Feature -Add user contact to admin -Increased Security For More Secured API Calls -Add view and download ticket user in application -Add Event Booking Feature in admin easy to manage all events -User can also download your event excel sheet and manage your events

Web Admin -Add envato verification in Admin -Add new fields in Add Event in Admin -Seperate Admin And User's Events in Admin -Add User Profile Module to Manage It's registered data in Admin -Add Event Booking Module in Admin -Add Event Ticket in Admin -Add Excelsheet Module for event booking list in Admin -Add Contact Subject and Contact List Module in Admin -Add Report Module in Admin -Add SMTP Settings in Admin