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Owner Akash Admane
Mobile 8080408544
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Complete Address Hudkeshwar road

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  • Sunday 12 AM-12 PM
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Sai Healing Centre presents Reiki Power Distance Healing By experienced Distance Master Healers (5+ years of healing experience) With proven track record Distance healing provides immediate relief for: 1. Chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, cancer and all pains 2. Depression, anger, anxiety, fear, mental fatigue, restlessness and other mental disorders 3. Relationships, family issues, concentration issues 4. Finance, job, business, tenders, speculation, career And many other day to day issues for which many evolved medical sciences donot have remedies. Numerological analysis from date of birth helps get closer to the root of the problem. Distance Healing works on Aura Cleaning, followed by Chakra Cleaning, Balancing and Energising. After first round of power healing, healers work on specific chakras and fix the problem permanently. Instant relief is experienced in 3-5 days. For a permanent/ semi-permanent relief healing is done continuously for 21 days depending on intensity of problem. Thousands of people have already benefitted from Reiki Distance Healing and have come over tedious issues that conventional medical practices could not cure. Reiki Healing helps you connect with your subconscious and hence makes you calm and peaceful rendering more power to fight with environmental negativities. Experience the power of 100% natural energy channelisation with absolutely no side effects whatsoever. Miracles don’t happen ! They are made to happen !! Come be a part of this Miraculous journey Today !!!

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