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Code3 Protections Private Limited was incorporated to cater to an international format of Close Protection/Executive Protection never before provided in India. The founder and CEO of Code3 Protections has a vision for the Indian security industry and is determined to provide clients with an Intelligent and discreet form of Specialized Protection. Since its inception Code3 Protections has also diverged into the specialized fields of Security Consultancy and Corporate Training. The founder and chief instructor of Code3 Protections is an SIA (Security Industry Authority) certified Close Protection Officer who has trained and received his credentials from Sweden and the United Kingdom. Following his certification he has worked with and developed clientele ranging from Europe to India and South East Asia. Code3 Protections Private Limited is a company founded on principles of honesty, trust, safety and loyalty. We at Code3 understand the necessity for Intelligent Protection and cater to the ever increasing demands, in a new and globalized India. Close Protection is a form of highly personalized, close proximity security aimed at preventing antisocial incidents involving assaults, assassination or kidnappings and invasion of privacy. High net worth individuals, celebrities, senior company executives, government officials and families have all been the target of such attacks in the past. Trained to operate above and beyond the capability of a basic guard force, the role of a Close Protection Officer is to create a protective sphere around anyone entering a possible conflict zone. Our Close Protection Officers, trained to operate in a corporate and civilian field, secure a client against any untoward incident during travel and stays in all parts of the world. Operating discreetly, they secure vehicles, hotel rooms, offices and venues, providing an umbrella of security at all times. Close Protection Agents are also certified to provide emergency First Aid services if needed. Proficiency in fire safety management, defensive driving and firearms is also an expected requirement of all our Close Protection Officers. Contact us for more details.

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No. 25240, Museum Road, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore - 560025


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  • Saturday 10 am - 07 pm
  • Sunday Closed
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  • Friday 10 am - 07 pm


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