G-7 Securitas Group


A solid knowledge of the market, determined co-operation and a wide spread range of competencies form the basis of a strong company. Innovative strength, quality consciousness, rapid action and consistent customer-orientation render the G-7 Securitas Group a partner who is in demand internationally. Within the G-7 Group, innovation starts with the early recognition of new opportunities and trends. A tightly organized project planning and an efficient management of development capacity bundle the high innovative potential, with the goal of achieving a firm technological lead and of securing this lead in the future.

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Office No. 327, Sterling Centre, M.G. Road, Camp, Pune - 411001

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  • Saturday 10 am - 07 pm
  • Sunday Closed
  • Monday 10 am - 07 pm
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  • Wednesday 10 am - 07 pm
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  • Friday 10 am - 07 pm


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