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PHP Watch Movies Script enables you to run your own fully featured Movies & TV Shows listing website.

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slider icon Carousel with featured movies & tv shows

Admin panel let’s you pick the most wanted Movies & TV Shows to be shown in a nice slider/carousel on the website header. You can chose an unlimited number to slide.

star icon AJAX Star Rating System

For each movie & tv show users can rate from 1 up to 5 stars depending on their opinion about the movie

thumb-up icon AJAX External Link Rating

Each movie & tv show will have external links for watching/buying. There’s a built in system for the users to rate as “Works” or “Broken” so others know if they want to visit or not.

movie playlist icon

Members Playlist

Registered members can build up their own movies & tv shows playlist so others can inspire when looking for a good item to look at

movie comments icon

Commenting system

Registered members can comment (if logged in) on each movie/tv-show page

link suggestion icon

Link suggestion

People can suggest external links for the admin approval if they want to share their tip.

search icon

Movie/TV Shows Search & Filtering

Movies & TV Shows can be searched by title, genre, actor name or keywords

Twitter Bootstrap & CodeIgniter powered

technologies used

The script was build with beauty & security in mind, hence the great Twitter Bootstrap & CodeIgniter PHP MVC framework are used in the backend

Admin Panel

PHP Watch Movies comes with full control on your hands!

  • Manage movies & tv shows list (automatically fetch movie/tv show informations when possible)
  • Approve/Add/Remove & Update movie & tv shows external links. Organize into tabs (useful for tv shows series)
  • Manage Comments
  • Manage Movie&Tv Shows Genres
  • Update website Terms of Service
  • Inject AD code for movie/tv show page (appears before watch links)

Admin login details:

URL   Username   Password  
Admin URL   admin   passme  

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Script Requirements:

Apache with mod_rewrite,PHP 4.x. or 5.x and MySQL 4.x./5.x

Changelog (Updates Log)

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Upgrade v2.9 - Oct 2018


- FIX: TV Shows Autocompletion Feature was not working

Upgrade v2.8 - January 2018


- Improved Movie Autocompletion Feature by adding search movie by name feature - Updated IMDB to reflect their new changes

Upgrade v2.7 Responsive - Nov 2016 - Includes responsive update - Includes a few more color schemes layouts

Upgrade v2.6.1 Sept 2016 - Updated IMDB parser to fit the new Imdb layout (there was an error not parsing movie poster) - refer to docs on how to upgrade

Upgrade v2.6 - July 2016


- added Twitter Social Login - added Facebook Social Login - fixed responsive view

Update v2.5.1 June 2016 Fixed a bug related to "Core/Common.php" file For updating just replace "system/Core/Common.php" with the new one you download

Update v2.5 Nov 2015 - changed layout design - made it show 6 movies in a row and 30 on a page before pagination - sort by views count, sort by rating, added date & release date - moved related movies from sidebar to single movie page under links

Update v2.3 on May 2015 Added Search Autocomplete Feature

Update 2.0 on 29th August 2014: added movie views count, filter by starting letter (0-9 and A-Z) and year (2014, 2013, etc.)