Point of Sale (POS) with Accounting System

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Empower your business. Manage everything effortlessly. Achieve greatness with our powerful solution.

Streamline your operations like never before. Our system makes managing sales, sales returns, purchases, and purchase returns a breeze. Experience the power of automation as your journals effortlessly flow into the accounting system, saving you time and minimizing errors. Plus, you have the flexibility to post other journal entries effortlessly.

A Seamless Fusion: Seamlessly merge your sales, purchase, and inventory system with a robust double-entry accounting system. A harmonious marriage that combines the worlds of sales, purchases, inventory, and accounting into one cohesive powerhouse.

Empower Your Business: Finally, a solution that understands your business needs. Whether you run a vibrant super-shop, a crowded restaurant, or a dynamic sales enterprise, this system empowers you to effortlessly manage sales, sales returns, purchases, and purchase returns.

Automate with Ease: Bid farewell to the days of manual data entry. Your transaction journals flow automatically into the accounting system, leaving you with more time to focus on what truly matters – growing your business.

Your Financial Wizard: Dive into the world of formal accounting reports with ease. Unveil the Ledger, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Bills Payable, Bills Receivable, Cash Book, Bank Book, and more. The insights you need are at your fingertips.

Inventory Insights: Say hello to a whole new level of inventory management. Generate sales, purchase, and inventory reports effortlessly. And the best part? Export them as PDFs, streamlining your communication and record-keeping.

Sales Tax Sorted: With the latest version, embrace peace of mind with included Sales Tax functionality. No more headaches over complex tax calculations – it’s all handled effortlessly.

Accounting Made Effortless: Fear not the world of accounting. Our functional double-entry accounting system takes care of the complexities, while you reap the benefits of accurate financial management.

Streamlined Journal Management: Effortlessly handle your journals, A/C heads, supplier due payments, and customer due receivables. Experience the beauty of automation in every corner of your business.

Multi-Company Magic: Manage multiple companies seamlessly. Switch between them, manage default A/C heads, and enjoy a comprehensive view of your diverse ventures.

User-Friendly Management: This system puts you in control. Manage your users, configure basic transactions, and keep your business operations running smoothly.

Reports that Matter: Your business thrives on data, and now you have it at your fingertips. From Purchase and Sales Reports to Ledger, Trial Balance, and Income Statement, unleash the insights that drive your decisions.

In a world where precision meets simplicity, the Point of Sale (POS) with Accounting System stands as the cornerstone of modern business management. Unlock the potential of seamless integration, elevate your financial insights, and steer your business toward unprecedented success. Join the ranks of super-shops, restaurants, and thriving enterprises that have already embraced this transformative solution.

Experience the future of business management today – your journey toward efficiency, growth, and prosperity starts here.

Sales Tax included since version 2.0.0

This is suitable for small and medium businesses/organizations like,

  1. Super-shop
  2. Restaurants
  3. Sales Management
  4. Inventory System
  5. Stock Management


  1. Simple User Interface.
  2. Supplier Management.
  3. Customer Management.
  4. Items Management.
  5. Sales Management.
  6. Sales Return Management.
  7. Purchase Management.
  8. Purchase Return Management.
  9. Functional Accounting system with double entry system.
  10. Journal Management.
  11. A/C head Management.
  12. Supplier Due Payment.
  13. Customer Due Receive.
  14. Employee information management.
  15. Settings for Basic transaction on accounting system.
  16. Manage new Company.
  17. Manage default A/C head for new company.
  18. User Management.
  19. Various Reports
    • Purchase Reports (with PDF export support)
    • Purchase Return Reports (with PDF export support)
    • Sales Reports (with PDF export support)
    • Sales Return Reports (with PDF export support)
    • Inventory Reports (with PDF export support)
    • Ledger
    • Trail Balance
    • Blanace Sheet
    • Income Statement
    • Bills Receivable
    • Bills Payable
    • Cash Book
    • Bank Book

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System Required

  • A LAMP server (Linux/Unix + Apache + MySQL + PHP)
  • Apache web server with mod_rewrite enabled
  • PHP 8.0 or later [PHP 8.1 recommended]
  • MySQL 5.6 or later [MySQL 8.0 recommended] with PHP MySQLi extension

Change Log

Version – 3.2.0 – 25th April, 2023

  1. Update: Barcode composer package
  2. Update: mPDF composer package
  3. Update: CodeIgniter core updated to 3.1.13
  4. Fixed: All JS has been written with the “use strict” mode
  5. Fixed: All PHP data ($_POST, $_GET) correctly escaped and sanitized
  6. Fixed: Remove all unused assets (files/libraries)

Version – 3.1.0 – 17th April, 2020

  1. Fixed: Purchase price total calculate wrong on decimal item price
  2. Fixed: Purchase return price total calculate wrong on decimal item price
  3. Fixed: Sales price total calculate wrong on decimal item price
  4. Fixed: Sales return price total calculate wrong on decimal item price

Version – 3.0.0 – 15th March, 2020

  1. Add: Barcode as composer package
  2. Add: mPDF as composer package
  3. Update: CodeIgniter core updated to 3.1.11
  4. Fixed: Retport view
  5. Fixed: Sales return bug

You will find out the complete change log on https://livedemo.erponline.xyz/docs/change-log.html

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