WhatsHam - Cloud based WhatsApp SASS System with Lead Generator Nulled v3.6.1 Professional

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Hello everyone,

I have all codecanyon latest nulled version php scripts so if anyone needs it then I can provide you at a very reasonable price with free installation service.

Contact for installation & Support WhatsApp @ https://wa.me/918218647076

Telegram @ https://telegram.me/cloudonext


Script Name : "WhatsHam - Cloud based WhatsApp SASS System with Lead Generator v3.6.1"

demo link - https://whatsham.codecanyon.support/

username : user@gmail.com

Password : 123456


Script Name : "WASender - Whatsapp server and bulk sender (SAAS) v1.7.3"

Create an account to test it.

Demo Link : https://test.zoomnearby.com/


Script Name : "Waziper - Whatsapp Marketing Tool v5.0.3"

Demo link - https://demo3.codecanyon.support/login

username - admin

password - 123456789


Script Name : "XSender - Bulk Email, SMS and WhatsApp Messaging Application 1.4.4"

Demo link - https://demo.codecanyon.support/admin


Contact for installation & Support WhatsApp @ https://wa.me/918218647076

Telegram @ https://telegram.me/cloudonext


User Features

Informational dashboard

Multiple instances (WhatsApp Accounts)

Send single message 

Send message with media

Send quick reply message

Send Link/Call (Action) button

Send list message

Send location message

Send message in group

Get all group’s data

Tag all group members in message

Save as templets while sending message

Manage templets

Message logs

Multiple phonebooks

WhatsApp chatbot

Exact words match based chatbot reply

Similar words match based chatbot reply

Reactions on message

Enable Typing

Exclude people from chatbot auto reply

Send bulk message 

Multiple variables message

Schedule the campaign

Random algorithm-based delay

API Access (Integrate whatsham with any app)

Data scrapper (Scrap data on light speed)

Dynamic ubscription plans

Multiple payment gateways

Ping to admin

User profile

Dark and Light mode

Much more

Admin Features

Informative dashboard

Mange users

Delete users

Auto login in user panel

Assign plans to users

Add / Delete dynamic plans 

Holds on payment gateway

Order details

Ping system

Dynamic pages for frontend

Dynamic testimonial

Dynamic Faq section

Dynamic Highlited features

Full Web translation

App config

Profile manage

Dark and light mode

Much more

Server Requirements

  • VPS or any Shared hosting with NodeJS enabled
  • MYSQL database
  • Domain or Subdomain

Changelog - 3.6.1 (16 Jun. 2023)



Changelog - 3.6.0 (11 Jun. 2023)


* You can upload more than 200 numbers in csv upload

* App version code added in user/admin footer


Changelog - 3.5.9 (10 Jun. 2023)


* Updated SDKs to latest versions

* Homepage minor changes

* Dynamic copyright text in User Panel added

* Added pasting mobile numbers in add contact section


Changelog - 3.5.0 (30 May. 2023)


* Added dynamic varibles for all messages Single Send, Media Send, List, Buttons, Actions

* Media pdf selection issue fixed

* Added multi delete phonebook contacts

* The delay is dynamically adjusted, varying between a minimum and maximum value.

* Miner bug fixed


Changelog - 3.5.1 (5 June. 2023)


* Web Live Chat (New feature added)

* Added instance ID quick copy


Changelog - 3.2.0 (2 June. 2023)


* Instamojo Fixed

* Color Theme white screen fixed


Changelog - 3.1.0 (19 May. 2023)


* Fixed plan days issue

* Fixed currency symbol (frontend)


Changelog - 3.0.0 (16 May. 2023)


* Fixed auto logout

* Fixed auto logout

* Informational dashboard

* Send single message (section added)

* Send location message added

* Send message in group added

* Get all group fixed

* Tag all group members in message added

* Save as templets while sending message added

* Manage templets added

* Message logs added

* Multiple phonebooks added

* WhatsApp chatbot (features added)

* Exact words match based chatbot reply added

* Similar words match based chatbot reply added

* Enable Typing added

* Reactions on message added

* Multiple variables message added

* Schedule the campaign added

* API Access added

* Data scrapper added

* Much more features added in admin and user side

Source code link - https://workupload.com/file/LrsSqPdygsP

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/whatsham-a-cloud-based-whatsapp-saas-system/40727633" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">https://codecanyon.net/item/whatsham-a-cloud-based-whatsapp-saas-system/40727633